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Rev. David Gawlik, M. Div., M. Ed, provides interfaith marriage ceremonies as well as renewal of wedding vows and memorial services. David was ordained in 1963 and has 45 years of experience in ministry to families in southern Wisconsin. He is a member of the Federation of Christian Ministries, The International Council of Community of Churches, and The Center for Progressive Christianity.

An interfaith ceremony is the acceptance and celebration of humankind in all its magnificent faiths, colors, cultures, and tradition. It is the acknowledgment that there is but one light that burns brightly through each faith and within each heart. In its essence, this light is love. Interfaith does not take sides.

Each ceremony is unique and crafted to celebrate the love story of the bride and groom. These ceremonies are held at the bride and groom’s choice location. These ceremonies are NOT overly religious, stiff, super-formal or stern... but they are realistically and powerfully spiritual.

David’s ceremonies will definitely express the love you feel for each other, and will convey that beauty to your guests. Here’s what he hears virtually every time: “That was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen!” No surprises! Everybody has been to a wedding where many people slept or came out disappointed. Not for you! A beautiful wedding every time!

David’s role as a minister is to create sacred drama, to ritualize this moment of union. A good wedding ceremony is good liturgy. Every aspect of the ceremony is important. Language and movement work upon the people –drawing them into an awareness of their own sacredness–well beyond the face value of the words, well beyond the mere holding of hands or slipping on of the ring.

The ritual suspends all flowers, or gold, or white dresses, or unity candles and redefines them as my hand, your hand, our life, and our mystery. Not just the hand, life, or mystery of the couple, but the hands and lives and mysteries of all those people who sit in observation of the ritual–recalling, recommitting, reaffirming that, “Yes, life is wonderful, love is wonderful, and most importantly, love demands a celebration.”

And so in joining themselves to one another, they join themselves to a great mystery.

It is David’s hope that the marriage ceremony will help you see a glimpse of a joyful God as couples begin a new chapter in their lives.

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