Creating Your Unique Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Groom

Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! Your relationship is unique and your wedding ceremony is to be uniquely yours. As a wedding celebrant and officiant, my desire is to facilitate the celebration of this important transition in your life with words, symbols, and rituals that reflect you and make your wedding ceremony forever memorable.

"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us. We were so happy with how everything came together. It was really great to meet with you and work with you."

Anne & Steve

From the initial contact whether through email or voice mail, my intention is to determine a time to meet with you; then to decide, first and foremost, if I am the celebrant, the officiant that would fulfill your needs. There is no obligation on your part if we are ‘not a match.’

If so, then I talk with you about how it is you want to custom design your wedding ceremony. I talk with you about the traditional elements that can be a part of your ceremony. These elements – the processional, vow statements, and ring exchange – are traditional because they are time-tested expressions of the transition of marriage and your commitment to each other. Your experience, style and creativity can guide the way in which these traditional elements are used. Your cultural or your affinity with aspects of another culture also may provide options that are meaningful for you.

I honor and respect your values and perspectives. I will interact with you to discover and communicate what is important and distinctive for you, for your ceremony.

Most importantly, your love story and relationship are the heart and soul of planning the ceremony. Each of you and the couple you form are unique. The way in you celebrate your commitment to each other is to reflect this union.




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